Are You new to the Recruitment Industry?

Whatever your background, whatever your previous experience, if you have the desire to be part of a dynamic business, the drive to meet targets and the ability to work well, both independently and as part of a team, then a recruitment career is right for you.

From our experience, many professionals outside of the recruitment industry have the transferable skills required to make them excellent candidates for an entry level recruiter job with BSV. New staff will embark on a journey where they will be constantly motivated to evolve and grow along with the daily challenges of the business.

Skills gained from a background in sales or customer service or experience in a supervisory or management position are ideal to provide you with the expertise required for a recruitment job. Equally, a background in the construction or engineering industries would be extremely beneficial. Your knowledge of these sectors would make a recruitment job ideal if you are pursuing a career change.

An exciting opportunity to begin your recruitment career

Taking the first step into working in recruitment is made easy with us. We are known and respected within the construction and engineering industry and our connections and know-how will give you the tools to get started right from the get-go.

Under our direction and leadership you will hit the ground running in your new recruitment career.

Be part of a supportive and friendly recruitment team

Our supportive team runs a unique training academy programme where you will be taught the essentials of recruitment for the construction and engineering industries. By sharing our knowledge and giving our assurance you will gain the confidence to quickly begin building your own portfolio of clients and candidates.

Our aim is for all new BSV employees to play a central role in the ongoing growth of our business as well as their own personal development.

To start a career in recruitment,  please contact us to find out more.